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Saturday, February 27, 2010

About Las Vegas Travel: Viva Elvis is Rocking Las Vegas at Aria Resort and Casino

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From Zeke Quezada, your Guide to Las Vegas Travel
Elvis is synonymous with Las Vegas and while you don't get enough of those days in the show you get a decent upbeat show that chronicles the life of Elvis Presley and the music that has infiltrated so much of our culture.

Viva Elvis is Rocking Las Vegas at Aria Resort and Casino
As Viva Elvis premiered to a celebrity packed house I scanned the room to get a sense of what would happen if Cirque Du Soleil threw a party and no... Read more

Find This Week's Travel Deals to Las Vegas
There are few places in the world where you can get the very best in luxury accommodations, dining, entertainment and attractions in one place for a reasonable price. If you... Read more

Take a Look at The Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture in Las Vegas
Walk into the Bellagio Hotel and you notice the art work, the attention to detail and the glass flowers in the ceiling. Dale Chihuly created this masterpiece especially for the... Read more

Pictures of the places to see
Take a look at all there is to see in Las Vegas. From a pyramid to a pirate ship to that tower made famous in Paris. All around you your eyes will be rewarded with the sights only Las Vegas can deliver.


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