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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making the Case for Cloud-based Server Backup

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Making the Case for Cloud-based Server Backup

Secure and reliable server backup is critically essential for organizations of all types and sizes. Traditionally, businesses will generally backup to either disk or tape, both of which require a fair amount expense and management. However, an increasing number of businesses are now beginning to consider the value of online server backups by using a fully managed cloud data protection service. In most cases, they're not only saving time and money but also doing a much better job of protecting their information and improving their operations.

BNET presents Making the Case for Cloud-based Server Backup, a live and interactive Webcast for business makers who want a simple, reliable, and more cost-effective means of backing up their data.

Making the Case for
Cloud-based Server Backup

Tuesday August 3rd, 2010
1:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT | 17:00 GMT
Sponsor: Iron Mountain

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bulletDiscover the top considerations for a fully managed, cloud-based data protection service and all the ways that it can save your business money
bulletLearn about the features and benefits of a cloud-based data protection solution and why it is so attractive to so many organizations
bulletExplore the best practices and next steps to ensure the greatest possible benefit and savings from your online backup management provider

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Includes live Q&A!


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Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Link to Dunia Komputer

Cara Membuat System Image Windows 7

Posted: 23 Jul 2010 05:18 PM PDT

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya memposting artikel tentang cara membuat CD Repair (System Repair Disc) Windows 7. CD Repair Windows 7 ini bisa Anda gunakan untuk memperbaiki Windows 7 Anda yang mengalami gagal masalah, misalnya gagal start. Salah satu opsi...

Klik judul artikel untuk membaca artikel selengkapnya.

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Kirim SMS Gratis di

Posted: 22 Jul 2010 10:53 PM PDT

Kirim SMS Gratis Saat berselancar di internet kemarin, Bintang menemukan sebuah website yang menarik dengan alamat Di website ini kita bisa mengirim SMS gratis ke operator GSM dan CDMA di seluruh Indonesia. Sungguh bro,web yang berguna terutama bila pulsa kita mepet / memang ingin ngirit pulsa :D.  SMS yang dikirim pun cepat sampai, hampir seketika diterima penerima (Bintang sudah mengetes dengan mengirimkan SMS ke nomer HP saya sendiri).

Tetapi ada iklan di SMS yang dikirim, menandakan bahwa SMS dikirim dari website Tapi tidak apa-apa, hanya sebuah iklan kecil menurut bintang. Untuk nomer pengirim SMS yang dikirim, akan menggunakan nomer dari SIM card yang digunakan server Oleh karena itu penerima SMS tidak bisa mengetahui dari siapa SMS dikirim. Maka solusinya adalah kita harus menyertakan informasi tentang kita pada SMS yang dikirim, misalnya “ini dari agung”, atau “ini dari santi, balas ke nomerku ya”. Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat bagi semua yang suka SMS gratis :D

Silahkan agan2 pembaca blog ini, ngapain hari gini kita bayar sms, kalau ada yang gratis dan powerfull abiz. Keren bukan, silahkan langsung saja kirim sms dengan gratis nggak pakai bayar di

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Mordaunt-Short Speakers, The Effect of Movies on Dogs, B&W Desktop Speakers Weekly Email Newsletter

HTR's Featured Equipment Review

Mordaunt-Short Performance Home Theater Speaker System Reviewed

By Dr. Ken Taraszka

Mordaunt-Short is a name I have known about for years but rarely got a chance to hear. When I learned I'd be receiving their top of the line Performance home theater speaker system for review, I was excited. Mordaunt-Short has been around since the year I was born, 1967, and the Performance line is their state of the art loudspeaker, designed to be equally at home in a high-end two channel rig or a home theater. My review system consisted of a pair of the full range floor standing Performance 6's ($7,500 per pair), the Performance 5 center channel ($2,500), a pair of Performance 2's that can be either mains or surrounds ($4,500 per pair) and a Performance 9 subwoofer ($4,500), bringing the total system price to $19,000.

The Performance line utilizes cabinets made of a polymer resin performance foam that can be formed into any shape and even allows for the density to be determined within levels of the cabinet, with enhances on the cabinet design making it more firm on the outside with better acoustic dampening on the inside. The adaptable nature of the cabinet material allows them to build Read the full review

Wisdom Audio Sets The Bar With The World's Most Advanced Architectural Speakers

Wisdom Audio has produced some of the world's finest, large scale audiophile speakers since 1996. The market has changed and architecturally integrated speakers are in. However, it seems that performance has been left behind in most offerings. Wisdom's Sage Series is the result of research that started with in-walls. Now customers can have audiophile-grade performance, but with in-wall, on-wall and freestanding models that everyone will be happy living with. Audyssey room correction is included in each Sage system. Learn more on their website or (775) 887-8850.

Orb Audio Still Best Value!

If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck, don't be surprised to discover that it comes in a small, customizable package from Orb Audio.  With stereo solutions starting at $239 and complete home theater systems starting at $999, Orb Audio continues to provide outstanding performance at affordable prices.  Routinely ranked ahead of all of the big brands, Orb systems feature luxurious American made satellite speakers and compact, muscular subwoofers that are great for both music and movies.  To find out how to get twice the performance for half the price of competing brands, call 877-ORB-AUDIO or check them out online at

Benchmark DAC1 HDR Pre-Amp Sets Bar For Quality

Stereo systems achieve a new level of excellence with the DAC1 HDR, Benchmark's latest pre-amplifier / DAC / computer audio device. Benchmark has delivered audio devices with unparalleled performance for over 25 years. The DAC1 HDR is the culmination of this experience.

Hi-fi journalists and end-users alike have been praising the DAC1 HDR's absolute sonic purity and uncompromising craftsmanship. Audition it in your home today with our 30 Day Money Back Trial

The Long Term Effect On Animals In Hollywood Movies

By Andrew Robinson

A very good friend of mine is an animal trainer working in the movie business. Her daily routine can consist of everything from cleaning up after a 9,000 pound African elephant to getting a rat to do what's called an A to B, where it starts in one place and ends up in another - hence A to B. She's worked on numerous big-budget Hollywood films, countless television shows as well as numerous television commercials, some of which have aired during the Super Bowl. Needless to say her job is no desk job and she has a very rewarding career in a slightly-off-the-beaten-path industry but she'd have it no other way.

However, there is one aspect of her job that hasn't changed since the first animals were ever cast in a film and that is the public's infatuation with wanting to own the very animals they see in television and movies. There have been extreme cases where some viewers have gone out and tried to procure an exotic animal like a tiger or chimpanzee; however the animals that most seem to bear the brunt of the public's desire to have as the next "it" pet are dogs and cats. Read More

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Computer Speakers Reviewed

By Andrew Robinson:

When does a loudspeaker stop being a loudspeaker and become a computer speaker? When does a computer speaker stop being a computer speaker and become a loudspeaker? These two questions have been on my mind a lot recently, as I've done my evaluation of the new MM-1 loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins. While Bowers & Wilkins labels their new MM-1 speakers as "computer speakers," I'm not entirely sure if that doesn't sell them short, for I've found them to be very capable, albeit powered, near-field monitors that just happen to connect to a computer or portable device.

Retailing for $499.95 a pair the MM-1s are compact, stylish and built to a standard that is decidedly Bowers & Wilkins. Dressed in black speaker cloth top to bottom and accented with a brushed aluminum top and center band that bares the family name, the MM-1s are the epitome of understated elegance in a sector of the marketplace that... Read The Entire Review...

Enter To Win a $1,995 Aperion Audio 5.1 Speaker System

In July 2010, enter to win a $1,995 Aperion Audio 10th Anniversary 5.1 speaker system. Known for the best customer service in the online speaker business – Aperion Audio is offering up one of their top speaker systems this month for you to win. Don’t miss out. Be sure to fill out every cell and page on the entry form. Enter to win today.

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