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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Onkyo HDMI 1.4 Receiver, 5 Ways To Save Audiophila, Yamaha Blu-ray Reviewed Weekly Email Newsletter

HTR's Featured Equipment Review

Onkyo TX-SR608 Home Theater Receiver Reviewed

By Dr. Ken Taraszka

The modern receiver has become one of the fastest evolving and technologically advanced elements of a home theater. Receivers can network with your LAN (local area network) for music and video streaming, decode a multitude of audio formats, many that have only existed for a few years, scale video, and even cook you breakfast. Okay, maybe not the last one but you get the idea. What about those who don't need all those bells and whistles and want to save a few bucks? Onkyo has just released their new TX-SR608 receiver, which is designed to fill this niche without making its owners left wanting for more. This is the first in a line of new receivers with HDMI 1.4a switching to handle the new 3D TV standard, and comes to market for $599.

While situated in the lower third of the Onkyo line, the TX-SR608 offers a host of features sure to please the modern home theater fan, including Audyssey 2EQ speaker setup and room equalization as well as Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ to make low level listening more enjoyable. Audyssey DSX and Dolby Pro Logic IIz are included to allow one to add front height channels. The TX-SR608 boasts seven channels rated to output 100 Watts apiece, and if you only run a 5.1 system you can set the extra two channels to bi-amplify your front speakers or power a second zone, it even has an extra set of... Read the full review

Transparent Power Amnesty: Trade in your power conditioner.

Trade in your old power conditioner of any brand toward a new Transparent Power Conditioner with MM2 Technology! (North America only -until 10/31/10)

• Noise free. No current limiting. Transparent provides a whole new level of vitality and impact in the performance of your system.
• Contact your Transparent dealer for the trade-in value of your old conditioner toward the optimum Transparent Power Conditioner for your system.

Transparent Dealer Locator. Or call 207.284.1100

Benchmark DAC1 HDR Pre-Amp Sets Bar For Quality

Stereo systems achieve a new level of excellence with the DAC1 HDR, Benchmark's latest pre-amplifier / DAC / computer audio device. Benchmark has delivered audio devices with unparalleled performance for over 25 years. The DAC1 HDR is the culmination of this experience.

Hi-fi journalists and end-users alike have been praising the DAC1 HDR's absolute sonic purity and uncompromising craftsmanship. Audition it in your home today with our 30 Day Money Back Trial


5 Ways To Save Audiophila From The Snobs That Want The Hobby Dead

By Jerry Del Colliano True audiophiles are a strange breed. Since the American musical renaissance of the late 1960's, Baby Boomers have enjoyed the best in music. Many of them took their love of music into a quirky hobby known as audiophilia. Personally, I don't wish it on anybody because audiophiles get off more on audio gear than the music itself, but the 'philes for nearly a generation have built a cottage industry around high-dollar, esoteric audio equipment designed to take the listener as close as they can get to the master tape as physically possible. Now that's a goal worth of chasing; however there are some inside the audiophile movement who want to see it die with the Baby Boomers thanks to their uber-retro attitude towards new technology and music and the way we interact with music. Read More

Cary Audio Design Cinema 11a – Where performance & technology converge

With onboard Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio bitstreamdecoding, the Cinema 11a is the next generation in award winning home theater processing available from Cary Audio Design. The Cinema 11a utilizes only the highest quality components
within the audio signal path, resulting in the Cinema 11a being the undoubted sonic leader in high-end processors. Dual DSP engines with 24/192kHz D/A conversion on each channel, The Cinema 11a
provides an unrivaled home theater experience.. Click here to learn more or call 919.355.0010
for personal service.

Win a $599 B&W Zeppelin System at

Over at – you have another chance to win another excellent prize from B&W speakers. For August 2010, you are invited to enter to win a $599 B&W Zeppelin speaker system. From one of the best known audiophile speaker makers in the world comes one of the best sounding desktop/portable audio systems. And that system could be yours. Enter to win today.

Yamaha BD-S667 Blu-ray Player Reviewed

By Adrienne Maxwell Yamaha recently added a fourth model to its Blu-ray lineup, and the new BD-S667 is the company's least expensive Blu-ray offering to date, with an MSRP of $329.95. We have not performed a hands-on review of the BD-S667, but here is an overview of its features. This Profile 2.0 player supports BD-Live Web functionality and BonusView/picture-in-picture playback, and it offers both onboard decoding and bitstream output of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Yamaha has added a limited Web platform, which currently consists only of Netflix video-on-demand streaming; the BD-S667 is also DLNA-compliant, so you can stream media content from a connected PC or DLNA server.. Read More

Enter To Win an Audiophile Grade Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD $779 Blu-ray Player

In August 2010 on enter to win a Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD audiophile grade Blu-ray player. Complete with DVD-Audio, SACD, HD surround and Bdlive – this Blu-ray player has you covered for every format from state of the art Blu-ray discs to legacy audiophile formats. Enter to win at HomeTheaterReview. Enter to win today.

Click Here

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Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Download Google Chrome 5.0 Terbaru

Posted: 27 May 2010 05:24 PM PDT

Info menarik buat anda penggemar Google Chrome. Setelah versi Google Chrome 4.0 Final yang saya posting beberapa bulan lalu, kini Google Chrome 5.0 telah dirilis. Penggemar Chrome kini telah bisa melakukan download Google Chrome versi 5 terbaru....

Baca selengkapnya Download Google Chrome 5.0

Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Artikel Terbaru Dunia Komputer

Cara Mematikan Automatic Update di Windows 7

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 04:18 PM PDT

Sebelumnya saya membahas cara mematikan Automatic Update di Windows 7, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa bagi Anda yang menjalankannya. Semoga amal ibadah Anda menjadi berkah di bulan Ramadhan ini. OK lanjut mengenai Automatic Update...

Klik judul artikel untuk membaca artikel selengkapnya.

Download Winamp Media Player 5.58 Terbaru

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 03:00 AM PDT

Sebagai pengguna komputer, saya rasa Anda pasti sering mendengarkan musik sambil melakukan aktifitas lainnya dengan komputer. Untuk mendengarkan atau memutar musik di komputer, tentu Anda membutuhkan sebuah Audio Player. Windows secara default...

Klik judul artikel untuk membaca artikel selengkapnya.

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Wisata Pantai Terindah + Foto

Posted: 10 Aug 2010 02:01 AM PDT

Di seluruh dunia ini ada banyak sekali pantai terindah yang menawarkan kenaturalan alam dalam sebuah seni menakjubkan. Wisata pantai tentu menjadi prmiadona, banyak sekali keindahan tersebut menjadi objek menguntungkan untuk pengelolanya. Nah mau tahu pantai-pantai indah apa saja yang ada di dunia fana ini :

Semua foto dan dibawah ini hanyalah pendapat saja, belum tentu 100% benar, karena terindah adalah relatif untuk semua orang. Selain itu bukankah banyak pandai indah di dunia ini belum menjadi tempat wisata??? oh ya ini adalah versi dari

Wisata pantai terindah :

1. Lanikai Oahu

Pantai terindah ini berada di pedalaman Hawai. Memiliki pasir putih dan kristal air yang jernih dan serind dijadikan sebagai area kontes pakaian renang Victoria Secret

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Terletak di kepulan bora bora, Selain wisata pantai, juga terdapat gunung yang bernama Gunung Otemanu.

3. The Maldives

Foto Pantai terindah ini terdapat di srilangka, Adapun bungalow mewah The Maldives yang menjadi target utama bagi para pengunjung dunia.

4. Parque Nacional Tayrona, Kolombia

Foto pantai ini diambil di kolumbia, walau foto diatas nggak terlalu bagus tapi Di pantai ini agan akan menemukan panorama pantai yang dikelilingi rimbunan pohon layaknya sebuah hutan.

5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Pantai ini terletak di kepulauan yang dikausai oleh brasil, Pantai ini benar-benar menjadi terindah untuk para selebriti, sudah tidak terhitung berapa banyak selebriti papan atas dunia ini yang pergi ke tempat wisata ini.

Wisata pantai memang akan menjadi primadona selamanya untuk turis berkunjung, selain karena memiliki pemandangan terindah, juga memiliki kenaturalan serta kesegaran tiada banding.

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