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Thursday, November 3, 2011

20 worst-named tech products

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November 02, 2011

Laura Cucullu Laura Cucullu
Senior features editor
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20 worst-named tech products
Around here, we see a lot of different products, obviously. Although most of the time we're evaluating a product on its performance, its design, and its functionality, every now and again the actual name of the product is also worth noting. Some, like the iSeries from Apple, are expected. But sometimes we get names so baffling that all we can do is round them up into the worst tech names we've come across. This is that roundup.

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10 must-have gadgets (videos)
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    Apple genius: Turn off phone to fix battery
Apple genius: Turn off phone to fix battery
That was the advice of one Apple genius who told a CNET editor that the reason his iPhone 4S' battery life sucks is that the phone was on too often.

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    Why Microsoft sacrificed Courier for Windows 8
Why Microsoft sacrificed Courier for Windows 8
In the second part of our scoop behind the scenes of the doomed Microsoft tablet, we discover that ultimately the company had to kill its innovative new product to save the old flagship.

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    Hottest smartphones with real keyboards
Hottest smartphones with real keyboards
Want the power of a computer in the palm of your hand, but hate typing on a touch screen? You need a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. These are available now.

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    6 best cameras under $150
6 best cameras under $150
Not all cheaper point-and-shoots are crap, and here are six cameras that prove it.

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