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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apple facing another iPhone fiasco?

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November 01, 2011

Karyne Levy
Senior copy editor
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Apple facing another iPhone fiasco?
Even though it hasn't gotten quite the attention of last year's iPhone 4 antenna ordeal, users are asking Apple for answers about less-than-expected battery life on its newest phone. Will Apple answer?

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Testing the iPhone 4S' battery life | Share on Facebook 

    How Microsoft killed its Courier tablet
How Microsoft killed its Courier tablet
In a tale of infighting and competing corporate interests, we explore Microsoft's decision to cancel its innovative Windows tablet, a choice that leaves it playing catch-up today.

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    Time to rise up against villainous piracy act
Time to rise up against villainous piracy act
The MPAA is evil and wants the Internet to die--that's what we glean from SOPA, the bill it just presented to the House.

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    The 5 absolute best laptops
The 5 absolute best laptops
These computers lead the market. If you need the best portable computing money can buy, make sure you're picking from this list.

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    iPhone 5 wish list (video)
iPhone 5 wish list (video)
The iPhone 5 may be the most infamous tech unicorn, but it's coming next year. Here's what the iPhone 4S leaves us wanting to see in the iPhone 5.

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