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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

B&W PM1 Speaker Creates Beautiful Sound From A Beautiful Design

Bowers & Wilkins PM1 Creates Beautiful Sound From A Beautiful Design
There are times when only music matters. When you want to forget the world and simply lose yourself in sound. The PM1 was built for these moments. Compact and discreet, yet introducing technologies never before seen in any Bowers & Wilkins speaker, such as the Carbon Braced Tweeter, it produces a sound so refined that everything else suddenly seems insignificant. True Sound. No Distractions. 

"I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." Richard Buckminster Fuller

The PM1's Carbon Braced Tweeter is a new design for Bowers & Wilkins. This design takes the already high performance of Bowers & Wilkins aluminum domes to a whole new level. The Carbon Braced Tweeter uses a ring of ultra-thin wound carbon fiber to brace the tweeter dome, and as a result raise the break up of the aluminum dome to around 40KHz, which has a dramatic effect on the audible frequencies below 20kHz.

Read more about the PM1 loudspeaker.

“Like my reference 800 Series Diamonds, the PM1 has the ability to get out of its own way and let the music simply shine in a manner that is simply captivating, if not a little seductive - especially throughout the midrange. The breadth of the PM1's soundstage is staggering and the details, texture and air contained within are phenomenal considering the PM1's price and size.” Andrew Robinson,

When you look at the loudspeakers in the 800 Series Diamond range one thing immediately strikes you: the beautiful curvaceous head units. The PM1's curved baffle echoes that shape, and for good reason: it smoothly disperses the sound around the speaker, helping to create a solid, three-dimensional image.Coupled with the placement of the tweeter on top of the cabinet, this significantly reduces the baffle area surrounding the drive units. This produces an enhanced depth of soundstage, and a wider sweet spot. The choice of materials helps to render the cabinet inert, which is vital on such a compact loudspeaker. The resulting performance is breathtaking in its ability to reproduce the audio signal, particularly when it comes to rendering the natural timbre of voices.

Click here to learn more about the Bowers & Wilkins PM1 loudspeaker.

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