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Thursday, December 1, 2011


I am Mr. S. Delamore mailing from Malaysia.
I am a broker in the spot market of precious metals. This is when people
buy actual gold or silver coins and bars rather than just trade them on
Due to the uncertainty in global stock and bond market, investors are
rather putting their money in the gold and silver markets, which is the
safest and fastest profit yielding investment currently.
In most cases; the customers ask the company to store their precious
metals at a secure facility until when the owner decides to sell it.

I had a client (expatriate) that I brought to invest US$6.4million in gold
bars, with PHB Bullion Exchange, which is an affiliate of Perwira Habib
Bank here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The gold is being stored for the
customer in the PHB storage facility till when the customer wants to have
it or sell.
But unfortunately, this customer died in November 2010 after a very brief
In the course of my dealings with him, I understood he neither married nor
had any children; he was gay.
In his investment papers also, I could remember he didn't appoint any next
of kin. So, since his death, I have searched and investigated extensively
about his family and relatives back home in his country. He didn't leave
any relatives either.

So this is why I am contacting you; I want to work with you to position
you as the only surviving relative of this late investor. We work together
to get the PHB Bullion Exchange to release the US$6.4million to us in gold
or liquidity.
Your name and nationality does not matter. I would support the claim with
all necessary information and attest that you are a distant relative of
the late investor.
This is a sure business with zero risk. You have absolutely nothing to
worry or be afraid of.
With the help of a lawyer, we can get PHB Bullion Exchange to change
everything to your name to become the holder of the investment, or
liquidate the investment and release the US$6.4million + profit to you. I
promoted and guided the client to make this investment, so I am in the
best position to guide and assure you about this business.
You would retain 35%, and 64% would be for me, while we use 1% to defray
all expenses we incurred in the course of the business.

Please reply me to indicate your clear interest in this business. If you
have any questions or need more clarifications, please ask me. I am very
much available to clarify everything to your understanding.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Shearn Delamore.
Call me on: +6014-9247-438


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