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Sunday, October 30, 2011



Question by GisherJohn:
Can I get behind the counter cold remedies in the pharmacy with pseudoephedrine?

Any name brand remedies I can purchase behind the counter?


Answer by semiserene
Yes you just have to show your driver’s license. At least, that is the policy at my pharmacy.

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Ginsu Knife creator reveals how he made millions


The man who gave the Ginsu Knife to America is now revealing his secrets of 45 years….

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Michael shows us:

Foolproof approaches to finding ideas for hot TV products

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The part I like is that Michael Walshe is a regular guy who turned ideas into millions. As he, very candidly, says; "I've been down on my luck - up on my luck - hundreds of thousands in debt - even homeless and living in a truck. Ideas and products changed my life and made me millions".

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6 Panel Urine Cup
The 6-panel urine cup drug check can be used in homes and is also FDA approved for professional use. This check does not need sending samples to a laboratory and supplies final results inside of 5 minutes. It tests for six generally utilised drugs (see above). A temperature strip on each cup ensures the sample is not adulterated.

  • FDA approved for use in homes, offices, schools, and so on
  • Outcomes in five minutes, no lab essential!
  • Temperature strip attached to verify the sample.
  • Detects the presence of: AMP-Amphetamines COC-Cocaine OPI-Opiates THC-Marijuana MAMP-Methamphetamine BZO-Benzodiazepine


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Hyundai новые силы


Две новых силовых установки для автомобилей Hyundai и Kia представил концерн Hyundai на 11-ой Международной конференции, посвященной двигателям Hyundai-Kia. Первая – двигатель объемом 1.6 литра, четырехцилиндровый T-GDI. Двигатель имеет систему непосредственного впрыска топлива. К интересным особенностям можно отнести также двойную систему непрерывного изменения фаз газораспределения (C W T), интеркулер (промежуточный охладитель воздуха) и турбонагнетатель Twin [...]

Черный Мерс SLS AMG


Сразу после запуска в серию суперкара Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG в воздухе начали носиться слухи о том, что кроме «простого» SLS следует ждать «навороченный» вариант «черной» серии (Black Series). Как известно, дыма без огня не бывает. Недавно сам Тобиас Мерс (руководитель отдела по развитию продуктов Mercedes- AMG GmbH) заявил о том, что они обязаны выпустить такой [...]

Jaguar XE на испытаниях


Благодаря автомобильным папарацци, мы имеем возможность увидеть несколько снимков с испытаний Jaguar XE-серийного варианта прототипа С-Х16, который в свое время был представлен на Франкфуртском автосалоне. Испытания проходили на полигоне Нюрбургринг. Правда, мы видим только «мула» в кузове ХК нового поколения. Но известно, что «убийца» Porshe 911 будет производиться на короткой платформе ХК из алюминия. Спереди [...]

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Halls Breezers
Great tasting non-mentholated drops that soothe each day throat irritations.

  • Pack of twelve, 25 Drops per pack, (Total of 300 pieces)
  • Only 15 calories and three.5 grams of carbohydrates per drop
  • Also available in Sugar Free


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Kumpulan cerita motivasi

Kumpulan cerita motivasi

Cerita Motivasi Tentang Kesabaran: Ayah, Anak dan Gagak

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 01:10 AM PDT

Kesabaran : Ayah, Anak serta Burung Gagak Selamat datang di Situs cerita motivasi indonesia. Motivasi Kali ini akan mengangkat kembali tema tentang kesabaran. Karena bagaimanapun kesabaran adalah salah satu cara agar dapat meraih apa yang kita inginkan. Semoga dengan membaca cerita motivasi kali ini, kita memiliki motivasi untuk bersabar. Dan akhirnya selamat menikmati cerita [...]

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Blog Bintang Bicara tentang apapun

Resep Red Velvet Cupcake

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:17 AM PDT

Pada resep kali ibu2 kita aka membahas Red Velvet Cupcake, kebetulan saja cake jenis ini sedang ngetrend, tapi resep membuat cupcake kali ini kita akan menggunakan fruit, Sudah nggak sabar, baiklah tanpa menunggu inilah dia… Bahan Red Velvet Cupcake: 60 g mentega 150 g gula pasir halus 1 sdm pewarna merah ½ sdt cuka masak [...] Related posts:
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  3. Resep Martabak ManisSalah satu gorengan kesukaan bintang adalah martabak. Nah sekarang bagaimana...

Resep Cara Membuat CupCake

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 03:12 AM PDT

Sekarang ini banyak orang menyukai kue cupcake, Tapi bagaimana cara membuat cupcake ya? Tenang aja di sini ada resep amazing yang dapat membuat cupcake dengan varian rasa tidak lagi hanya vanilla dan coklat. Dan ini bisa ibu praktekkan di rumah namun dengan kualitas yang tak kalah dengan toko dan restauran terkenal di jakarta. Ada banyak [...] Related posts:
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  2. Resep Lidah KucingMembuat kue lidah kucing itu gampang, pada kesempatan kalini ini...
  3. Resep Kue DonatSuka dengan donat, nah kue yang satu ini memang tiada...

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Question by thisisthelamestnameicouldfind:
should i wear a tennis elbow brace in the course of my workout even though i do not feel any pain?

I developed tennis elbow via boxing. I would like to return to the activity (I have not done it in a week). I do not really feel discomfort, so would it be a waste to purchase elbow braces?


Answer by drgoodhi
yes, to prevent any further injuries

Solution by Kaytlyn F
yes so u dnt mess up your elbow even far more

Solution by nolhtairt
As the injury was only a week ago, I would use the braces for a number of weeks and see how it feels.

Don’t turn into reliant on the braces – braces can really make you weaker. If there is an underlying difficulty that wants treatment, ask your physician for a referal to a great physical therapist.

Tennis elbow troubles, in my encounter, can be due to weak triceps. There is typically a lot of scar tissue due to microtrauma on the outer bone of the elbow, called the lateral epicondyle, or on the tendons that attach to that bone. A excellent physical therapist should be in a position to establish if any problems like that are present or if there are other troubles.

Great luck!

Know greater? Leave your very own solution in the comments!

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The final diet solution

Multiplanar Movements are exercises that ensure you are moving in all dimensions (Forward and Back, Side to Side, and Rotation).  Why do you want to do this?  By choosing exercises that move your body in all directions you will be increasing your fat loss results exponentially.
Let's say you wanted to train your legs and butt.  A typical Leg Press machine would just have you working in the Forward and Back direction.  But what if you chose to do a Squat instead? Here's how you could hit all directions:
  1. Basic Squat – Feet shoulder width apart and sit back as if you were going to sit on a bench and then use your legs and butt to come back up to a standing position.  (Forward and Back)
  2. Side Squat – Perform the same squatting movement but now step out to the side, alternating left and right, with each squat. (Side to Side)
  3. Sumo Walk Squat – Go down into a squat position and walk forward and back like a sumo wrestler would. (Rotation)

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

I Got Pregnant Twice and Naturally Gave Birth To My Beautiful Healthy Children At Age 43, After Years of "Trying". You Can Too! Here's How

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You Are On Your Late 30's or 40's

You Have Tubal Obstruction
You Have High Levels of FSH

You Have PCOS or Endometriosis
You Have Uterine Fibroids or Uterus Scarring
You Have Ovarian Cysts Or 'Lazy Ovaries'
You Have A History of Miscarriages
Your Male Partner Has Low Sperm Count
Without Resorting To Drugs, IVF or IUI Procedures
Faster and Easier than You Ever Thought Possible!

"Using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 44!"

"Dear Lisa, After 7 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 4 weeks after I read your book  and followed your program. It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. Everything in your book makes sense. I am recommending your program to all my friends.
. God bless you!"

14 Years of Study, Research, Trial,
Error and Experimentation

That's when I decided to take matter into my own hands.  If the experts weren't going to find out what was thwarting our attempts at having a child, I was going to figure it out on my own – and fix it!  So, I started to research every aspect of infertility. I read every book and research study I could get my hands on and began talking with hospitals and researchers worldwide about clinical trials and new treatment strategies being considered for couples like us.

I spent hours at the library swallowing stacks of books, journals and magazines about  Infertility, hormonal balancing,  oriental medicine and nutrition and reading every word. I have literally read hundreds of medicine books from cover to cover. My library quickly grew to over 617 health and nutrition books and I had read every word almost to the point of memorizing them.

I was clearly obsessed with my mission and felt as if I'd go nuts if I didn't find an answer.
But I didn't just read. I interviewed countless of other Infertility sufferers and endlessly picked the brains of every doctor, herbalist, homeopath and naturopath...kind enough to lend me minutes of their time and fragments of their expertise and knowledge only to find a solid solution to my infertility


Child Custody Strategies for Women

AND MORE ...........

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You Can Too! Here's How..."

Discover How She Overcame Her Own Infertility and Taught Thousands Of Women Worldwide To Eliminate All Their Infertility Issues and Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally

Even If:
You Are On Your Late 30's or 40's
You Have Tubal Obstruction
You Have High Levels of FSH
You Have PCOS or Endometriosis
You Have Uterine Fibroids or Uterus Scarring
You Have Ovarian Cysts Or 'Lazy Ovaries'
You Have A History of Miscarriages
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14 days eczema cure

Attention: If You Or Someone You Know Suffer From Eczema You Need To Pay Close Attention Because I Have Some Very Important News For You!
"Former Eczema Sufferer Finally Reveals The Only Proven Natural Eczema Solution That You Can Use To Permanently Cure Your Eczema, End The Flare-ups,  And Achieve A Clear And Beautiful Skin In 14 Days

If you are sick of the itching, burning, pain, rashes and discomfort then your are at the right place... Continue reading to learn my Amazingly simple and effective methods to get rid of your eczema in 14 days

Hi and welcome to the 14 Days Eczema Cure Website. This website is dedicated to all eczema sufferers all over the world. My sole objective is to help as many persons as I can to completely get rid of their eczema for good.
You already know how devastating eczema can be... Your skin itches terribly, you have ugly rashes, your skin is swollen and red, you scratch so hard until your skin bleeds, your skin gets dry very easily, you can't sleep at night because of the discomfort, you are afraid to socialize with friends because of the way your skin look and the dilemma goes on....
I know exactly what you are going through. However, I am very glad that you have found my website. Today I am going to share some secrets that will help you to end your eczema once and for all before it gets extremely severe.
The truth is, severe eczema sufferers experience a lot more pain and devastation. Their skin are so sensitive... so sensitive that even drying off after a shower can become a very difficult task since the skin is very thin and bleeding can occur. Aside from that, severe eczema suffers tend to scratch very often which causes the upper layer of the skin to tear off leaving a scabbed and ugly look.
How I Solved My Eczema Problems
Hi my name is Fay Spencer and like you I suffered from eczema for most of my life. That was until I found a safe all natural cure.
I started having eczema from a very early age. My mom told me that I started having breakouts at the age of 4. She said I would itch terribly at nights and some nights I could barely sleep. As I grew older my eczema only got worse. At first the eczema was on the inner part of my elbows and behind my knees. However, by the time I was 8 years old the eczema had spread to several other places on my body such as my neck, my legs, all over my hands and even on my tummy.
The first time my mom took me to the dermatologist, she was told that she should ensure that my skin is always moisturized. The doctor recommended cetaphil which is a special kind of lotion to use on my skin because my skin was very sensitive and regular lotions could cause my eczema to get worse. The doctor also prescribed a creme known as 'Advantan' to apply to my eczema twice per day. This helped with the itching and clearing of my eczema to some extent at first but after using the creme for some time, my skin became too accustomed to it and it no longer had an effect on my eczema.
We went back to the doctor and told her about the situation. This time she prescribed a new creme known as 'Elidel'.  After about a week of using it I saw some positive changes in my eczema. However there were some side effects as well. The creme had chemicals that made my skin very thin and discolored so I had to stop using it.
To make a long story short, this continued several times over with the same results. I get a creme, it work for some time and then my body gets accustomed to it and so I have to change to another.
Crèmes And Medicines Only Treat The Symptoms Of Your Eczema And Not The Root Cause!
After going through several different types of crèmes and medications, I quickly realized that all they did was to treat the symptoms of my eczema. That's right, they were just temporary solutions. Some of them simply didn't have any effect what so ever on my eczema.
I was missing out on social activities that should be fun, I had little self confidence and I was plagued with emotional pain. Sometimes at night I would stare in the mirror and then cry myself to sleep because it seemed as if there was no hope.
My high school years were devastated. It was very hard for me to fit in with the 'normal' persons. Everyone acted strange around me. Sure I could hide my condition with long sleeves blouses and pants in the winter but I couldn't do that all year round. In the summer the heat would make my eczema flare up even more so wearing long sleeves would only make matters worse for myself.
After I graduated from high school, my quest for an 'Eczema Solution' began.  After feeling sorry for myself, I realized that was putting me nowhere. In fact I was getting older and I could not live with the eczema for the rest of my life. At this time I was in my first year at University so I started doing some research. I was literally experimenting on my body; I decided I would not stop until I found a real eczema solution.
 I explored every known treatment for Eczema.
I collected every medical document I could find about Eczema
I visited many websites and forums to find out other peoples' experiences
I spoke to a variety of experts that specialize in Infectious Diseases of the skin
I basically lived in the medical library
Finally after almost a year of searching and trial and error I made a Shocking Discovery
I found a remarkable, safe, effective, All-Natural cure for Eczema.
My eczema started to clear up, the itching went away and even the scars began to disappear. After a few weeks, my eczema was totally gone. My skin has never been this clear and beautiful in years.
At first I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. You should have seen me jumping and rejoicing in front of the mirror. I was and still is one of the happiest person in the world to be eczema free.
I was truly relieved that my time and energy of research had finally paid off and I was free from the pain and suffering that I had endured for so long.
This revolutionary treatment has changed my life forever. It not only cured my symptoms but it also eliminated the the root cause of my eczema that had plagued me for so long.
...At last it was gone. I was Eczema free.
I finally had the clear skin that I had always wanted, I felt great ...I slept better ...I had more energy ...and my confidence and self-esteem went through the roof!
Today I want to share the exact steps I took to help me to become eczema free. I have documented everything that you need to do in a short and easy to follow step by step guide. Thousands of people have already used my methods to achieve amazing results..

Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

I am Sarah Summer. I am a Health Researcher and the Editor of the medical publication,
I am also a former yeast infection sufferer and know first hand how yeast infections can disrupt a person's life.
Over the next few minutes I want to share with you valuable information you can use to cure your yeast infection.
I want to share with you something NEW and IMPORTANT that I have DISCOVERED .
There are Two Important Truths
1....There are VERY FEW All-Natural treatments for yeast infection that are safe and effective.
2....And there are HUNDREDS of dangerous drugs and internet remedies.

Be Warned; there is some Good and some Very Bad advice on the Internet. Some internet remedies recommend using Boric acid. This toxic substance is a poison and has caused deaths. It has no place in anyone's home much less in your body!
I will Honestly explain what works, what is safe and what is effective in treating yeast infection. And I will point out the dangers of other recommended treatments.
GOOD Advice is hard to find, but look for someone who has done their research, can prove it and will stand by their recommendations. The good news is that you have found it!
I can tell you honestly that there is a Safe and Effective, All-Natural way to treat yeast infection. I will show you how to SAFELY and PERMANENTLY rid yourself of yeast infection without drug

When we DISCOVERED the All-Natural cure for yeast infection I wanted to share it with everyone. So I wrote the book "Natural Cure for Yeast Infection". In my e-book I explain ALL OF THE SECRETS we discovered, every single one of them!!!
My e-book lays out a Step-by-step Treatment that can permanently cure your yeast infections by treating the root cause. You will be free for all time from the misery of this tormenting affliction.
My e-book takes you by the hand and guides you with plain, simple english and hundreds of pictures. I have tested, re-tested and perfected the key elements that add up to success in curing yeast infection.
I've done the research work for you. I've collected all the secrets into an an easy to read book. And I can't wait to share it with you.

How can I be so sure? My research revealed to me secrets that other people do not know. Once I share these secrets with you it will become perfectly clear to you how you can cure your yeast infection.
You just need to be told the AMAZING yet SIMPLE solution to curing yeast infections. You need Step-by-step Instructions from someone who's had yeast infections and knows how to cure them.

Think how great it will feel having your energy back. Regaining the glow of good health. Feeling and looking younger!!!!
What is amazing is that you can do this all from the privacy of your home. And you don't have to wait for my book to be mailed to you. You can download it onto your computer right now. It's safe, fast and discrete.

I know it is a little hard to believe, but the truth is that the secrets in my book will cure the underlying, root cause of yeast infection.
My discovery proves there is a safe, rapid and effective All-Natural way to cure yeast infection. Using my discovery countless people have corrected the underlying cause of yeast infection and have never again had it interfere with their lives.

My e-book explains all the problems that cause yeast infections, the root causes and the SECRET ways to treat them.
I reveal all the secrets. Nothing is held back. Everything is explained in a simple, straight forward easy to understand fashion.
I Sell no products ...just my book.
Like all mysteries, once the SECRETS are revealed things make perfect sense. Yeast infection is not your fault or something you did wrong. That will become clear to you once you understand all the pieces of the yeast infection puzzle.
You will know everything you need to cure your yeast infection and start down the road to good health.
Don't worry. The secrets I reveal are very easy to understand. And once you read them you will agree that they are TRULY A DISCOVERY

self defense

In order for you to understand that this is NOT some FAKE system put together by a "wanna-be" martial artist in his basement, I would like to introduce to you the creator of the H2H Combat System: Russ "Sensei" St. Hilaire.
Russ is a 7th Degree Jujitsu Blackbelt and the founder of H2H Combat Self Defense System. Russ has a Jujitsu and Self-Defense school located in East Hartford, CT. He is also the former Hand to Hand Combat Instructor for the following Military and Police Organizations:
  • Civil Disturbance Control Instructor, US Army, Military District of Washington
  • SRT Teams Instructor for US Army, Ft. Myer and Ft. A.P. Hill
  • Instructor to Restraint and Control Instructors of Washington, DC Police Academy Instructor to Washington, DC S.W.A.T. instructors
  • Military Units in CT, MA, VA
I am also one the instructors in H2H Self-Defense combat system and co-author of this H2H Combat Manual and Video Series. I also have a Jujitsu and Self-Defense school in Cromwell, CT. Some of my martial arts experience includes:
  • Kobukai Ju-Jitsu 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Bellt
  • Ju-Jitsu, Grappling, and MMA Fighter
  • H2H Combat Instructor for Operation Iraqi Freedom soliders, police officers and security professionals. 
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Second: In order to have a solid program that we can offer you, YOU need to know that this program works...
What I would like to introduce to you next are some of the current "users" of the H2H Combat Program:
  • Active Soldiers
  • Navy Seals
  • Police Officers
  • Security Professionals
  • and now... Civilians
Third: The H2H Combat System is based upon tried and true techniques from a variety of martial arts, with its strongest base in Ju-Jitsu.
We all know the effectiveness of Ju-Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts, but Ju-Jitsu was originally developed centuries ago for the battlefields of Japan. Ju-Jitsu has continued to evolve over the years and is now one of the MOST combat effective martial arts.

Cancer Is Easy To Overcome

Join the thousands of people who have read my book and are free of cancer today as a result. I've explored the cause of their breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, etc. with them. Together we can always determine the cause. Has your cancer doctor discussed the cause with you? Why not? Once we've agreed on a cause, reversing the cancer becomes easy. Don't believe me? Please read on.....
Typical causes include root canal teeth (most cancers), emotional trauma and/or long term stress and poor diets.
The thousands who are "cancer-free" include people with all types and stages of cancer, including many "terminal" cancer patients. These people are all over the world, in 86 countries. They tend to come to me and my book as a last resort -- after their cancer doctors have given up on them and assigned them a "survival time." "Get your affairs in order -- you have two months to live." 

I never give up on anyone with cancer. I've seen too many people recover completely after that "survival time" sentence from their doctors. Can you follow a simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks? That's all that my readers have found is necessary to reverse their cancer. My mission is to help you join their ranks as a "long-term cancer survivor." I want you to live out your normal lifespan, not just "survive" for five years with a destroyed quality of life.
Would you like a method for checking your progress at overcoming the cancer? You prepare the sample at home? You send it to the lab. It costs $50. I give you the instructions in my book.
I'm not selling anything except my book. Substances, clinics, doctors, and other resources I recommend pay me nothing. That's how I keep my readers' faith in my integrity. I'm not a medical professional. However, I've studied cancer and its treatment every day for twelve (12!) years. The information I give you is exactly "what I would do if I had your cancer." It's not a prescription. You can "take it or leave it."
My book "Cancer-Free -- Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing" was updated just a year ago. In November, 2008, it was completely rewritten incorporating all the information in the 123 newsletters I had published beginning in 2000. To buy it now, just CLICK HERE.
The regimen I recommend for ALL cancer patients comes at the cancer from six different "directions." Six different theories about how to deal with cancer cells. All of these six forms of treatment are gentle (no dangerous, too-rapid "die off"), non-toxic and they all work together. They are, in fact, synergistic. They help each other.
They address the four characteristics of every cancer. These four conditions must be corrected before anyone can get over cancer: 1) A weak immune system; 2) A lack of oxygen uptake by the cells; 3) Excessive toxins; and 4) Acidity. Conventional cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) makes all of these conditions worse. In fact, it is responsible for almost all the deaths attributed to "cancer." That's right. The "treatment" causes the deaths -- not the cancer.
Why? The conventional cancer treatments are approaching the cancer tumor (or its existence in your blood, lymph system or bone marrow) as if it were the "enemy." Kill the cancer cells at all costs! Those costs may be your heart, your liver, your kidneys -- or your life.
Why do they do these things? There are literally 350 other effective ways to treat cancer. All of them are non-toxic and harmless to your other organs. Why doesn't your cancer doctor tell you about these options?
Can you spell M-O-N-E-Y?
The average cancer patient (like you) generates $1.3 million in revenue for the cancer "industry." Do you think they want you to be healed by something that costs pennies a day?
How much would you think a regimen like mine should cost? Take a guess. $10,000 US Dollars? $2,500 US Dollars a month? Well, hold onto your chair. The cost is exactly $104 per month in U.S. Dollars. Please understand. You pay just $104 for the food and supplements. You don't pay me anything. I don't get any compensation from the sources where I recommend you buy the food and supplements. I just try to give you the cheapest and best source I can find. I have often changed my recommendations when I have found something better.
To buy the book with an unconditional money-back guarantee, just CLICK HERE.
To get to this regimen, I have studied cancer treatment every day for the last twelve years -- since 1998, when I first realized all the information that was available even then on the Internet. I've sifted through hundreds of "alternative" cancer "cures." I've talked to thousands of cancer survivors, cancer doctors, nutritionists, nurses, cancer experts of all kinds. I've read everything I could get my hands on. I am on a mission -- a crusade, if you will -- to help as many people as possible avoid my former wife's fate. [See "About Me" on the left of this screen.]
Now, you or your loved one can benefit from my experience. All I suggest is that you give this regimen six to eight weeks while postponing other treatment. I'm not asking for you to commit your life -- just six to eight weeks. I've found that within just a few days, 90% or more of the cancer patients who do this feel so much better that they continue with this regimen for life.
You see, I know it's not too difficult because I do it every day myself for prevention. I am 78 years old and in perfect health. 

Obviously, if this regimen doesn't work to reverse your cancer or that of your loved one, there are literally hundreds of other options to try. You can use the "Coaching" option on this web site to get me by telephone to help you isolate the best ones for you.
How does this work? Simple.
First, you buy my book, either in e-book (computer file) form or in paperback form. Just CLICK HERE.
Included in the book is a complete set of instructions on the "Self-Treatments That I Recommend." There is also information on locating holistic doctors, clinics and other resources. Usually you do not need a holistic doctor or clinic.
Second, you test the levels of cancer cells in your body using a test I teach you about in the book.
Third, you try my recommended regimen for 6-8 weeks.
Fourth, you take a second test. If that test shows you are not making progress (rare for people who have the discipline to follow my recommendations), you come back to this web site and click on the "Coaching" link. Just follow the instructions there to get coaching from me by phone anywhere in the world. We will discuss what to try next, based on your experience to that point.
I'm committed to helping you. If you can commit to just this six to eight week program at a cost of less than $200, including the price of my book, the special food and the supplements, we have a deal.
Interested? If you think you need more information, you can click on one or more of the links below to learn more. Remember: The first step to complete and permanent healing is to buy my book "Cancer-Free." Just  CLICK HERE.
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